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    Atopic dermatitis

    Diagnosis and TreatmentAll animals can suffer from allergies caused by allergens floating in the air.Read more

Who we are


ArtuVet is an innovative pharmaceutical company and is market leader in allergen-specific immunotherapy. ArtuVet has accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of diagnostics and the treatment of allergies.
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What we do


ArtuVet is the only supplier of licensed veterinary allergen-specific immunotherapy and allergy tests in Europe*. Our production facility is GMP approved and because of this we can produce high-quality allergen products.

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What we stand for


The goal of ArtuVet is to provide the best possible support to you as a veterinary surgeon and to your practice. Optimal treatment of an animal with atopic dermatitis requires clear diagnostics and consistant application of the therapy.

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Did you know? Atopic dermatitis seems to appear at 10 to 15% of the dog population

Our production facility

We supply you with products of the highest quality as our production facility is GMP approved. Take a tour and see how our products are made with all care.

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Total support

Our Loyalty & Care Program offers you total support, which enables you to provide your customers with fully customised care and makes life easier for both you and the owner.

Get all the latest information and developments in newsletters, an up-to-date detail aid and accurate staff who are ready to answer all your questions.

This is where the veterinary professional can find any information and order forms and materials.

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This gives your clients all the background information about allergies, testing and treatment methods.

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Scoring the extent of itching on the itching scale at the start of the treatment and during the threatment gives the owners more insight into the effect of the treatment7.

7 P. Hill et al. : Development of an owner-assessed scale to measure the severity of pruritus in dogs. Vet. Derm. Vol18, Issue 5 (2007) 301-308

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Each dog may react differently to the treatment. The diary can be used to record reactions and observations. Based on this diary, in combination with the clinical history, it is possible, if necessary, to adapt the treatment programme specifically to the animal.

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What does the Artuvetrin® Reminder Service mean for you?
Your clients visits you consistently at the right time for an extension of the Artuvetrin® Therapy. You don’t need to keep track of when teh subsequent therapy has to be ordered. You see the animal regularly at your attention and care as symptomatic and genuine.

What does the Artuvetrin® Reminder Service mean for your client?
Artuvetrin® Therapy will be continued faithfully and effectively. Your client is informed in good time when a refill vaccin is needed.

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